Women’s Wellness Naturopathy Retreat : India : 7 Nights


Feeling weighed down by the demands of life and the changes your body is going through? Discover a haven of rejuvenation at our 7-Day Art of Cleansing Retreat addressing a range of concerns often left unattended.

Led by eminent holistic medical experts, our in-house physicians, and nutrition guides, your unique wellness panel delves into every facet of your health, including the transformative journey of aging.

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Please note this is a sample itinerary and some variations will happen between tours and locations due to our partners’ schedules, but in general the itinerary will be very similar!


Day 1:

Arrival in Mumbai

As you touch down in vibrant Mumbai, a world of rejuvenation and well-being awaits. Leave the hustle behind as you step into this transformative journey. Our expert team will greet you and ensure a seamless transition to the serenity of the resort set amidst the scenic Western Ghats. Prepare to embark on a 7-day experience that encompasses holistic wellness, tailored just for you.


Meals – Enjoy Three carefully curated healthy foods daily using the farm-to-fork philosophy and emphasizing nutrient-dense whole foods


Day 2-6:

Your Path to Radiance

Embark on a holistic voyage, embracing the program’s objectives. Our comprehensive retreat is designed to address your needs be it 


  • Weight Loss: Shed extra pounds through physician-prescribed body and massage therapy.
  • Detoxification and Rejuvenation: Experience Ayurvedic Dhara Therapy and herbal packs tailored to your health.
  • Gut Health Enhancement: Enjoy personalized hydrotherapy sessions and naturopathy herbal packs.
  • Anti-Ageing & Enhanced Well-being: Dive into a realm of relaxation with acupuncture and yog nidra meditation.
  • Skin and Hair Improvement: Experience prescribed herbal body polish, wraps, and slow-pressed detox elixirs.


Meals – Enjoy Three carefully curated healthy foods daily using the farm-to-fork philosophy and emphasizing nutrient-dense whole foods


Day 7:

Culmination of Transformation

As your 7-day journey nears its conclusion, reflect on the revitalization you’ve embraced. Engage in a personalized nature ecotherapy session, connecting with the nurturing environment that surrounds you and a final meet up with your wellness experts who will provide recommendations to carry the benefits of this retreat into your everyday life.

Meals – Enjoy Three carefully curated healthy foods daily using the farm-to-fork philosophy and emphasizing nutrient-dense whole foods

Inclusions: Experience a comprehensive wellness package.

Consultations & Assessments: Tailored guidance for your unique needs.





Suitable for

18 years and above, Group Travellers, Solo Travellers


Private, Shared


All accomodation and meals on check in
All activities listed in the iteniary and details
Edventure Global Naturopathy Guide Book
Edventure Global Tote Bag


Internation Flights to/from India
Airport Transfer to Hotel on Arrival ( can be organised on request for an additional fee)
Meals and Activities not listed in the iteniary and details
Mandatory Travel and Medical Insurance
Incidental and Personal Expenses


Flexible Options Available

Starting From 5, 7, 10 & 14 Nights the Art of Cleansing retreats are bookable on demand and to suit your convenience. If you are looking for specific dates or a different number of nights please contact us to create a bespoke iteniary for you.


Rediscover Wellness via a full-body Detox

A full-body detox involves following a nutrition diet meal plan to eliminate toxins from the body. Your body can eliminate these toxic compounds without supplements or dietary changes- We are here to help if it is not. At the Art of Cleansing Retreat, our personalized and expert-qualified natural retreats bring you to the basics with wholesome meals without the usual distractions of home or work, television, or digital devices and reconnect you with your true self, remove metabolites, and harmonize your body and mind.

The serene setting amidst the Western Ghats in India offers a chance to recharge organically. Unplug from distractions and experience deeper sleep, heightened energy, and a fortified immune system now and in the years ahead. Indulge in spiritual healing activities tailored to your preferences and a flexible itinerary enhance your overall well-being. 

This is your moment to pause, realign, and unearth your passions amidst nature’s tranquility. Rediscover your purpose and step away from the monotony of daily routines.

The naturopathy specialists and team at the retreat will guide and support you on a daily basis with

  • Rebalancing the bio flora and colon health

  • Encouraging lymphatic cleansing

  • Achieving serenity

  • Reducing mental stress

If you are seeking natural therapies for 

  • Stress Management

  • Anxiety

  • Emotional and Spiritual Well-being

  • Low energy levels

  • Low self-esteem

You will notice a remarkable and positive changes such as

  • Improved sleep routines and patterns

  • Better metabolic, digestive, and immune system performance

  • Easing of tense, sore, and painful muscles

  • Cellular renewal and reduction in internal body inflammation

  • Decrease in the harms caused by environmental pollutants

The 7-day retreat will include one or more sessions for

  • Personalised Meditation session (60 min)

  • Prescribed Massage Therapy (60 min)

  • Acupressure Body Healing Therapy (60 min)

  • Prescribed Herbal Body Wrap Therapy

  • Naturopathy Herbal/Mud Packs as per prescription (30 min)

  • Ayurveda Herbal Decoction Enema

  • Colon hydrotherapy


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