18 years

5000 $

Immerse yourself in luxurious massage therapies complementing one another and create a deep relaxation over the entire body. Reconnect with your inner self as our skilled massage therapists guide you through the journey to balance and rejuvenated wellness.


The programme helps you restore the dynamic state of equilibrium that develops when you allow yourself to relax. Anyone looking for a respite from the pressures of modern life or who wants to treat themselves to a spiritual reconnection will find this wellbeing stay the ideal solution.


Enjoy the alchemy of restorative Naturopathic therapies to investigate the causes of health issues and renew mind, body, and spirit through dietary and herbal aids. The relaxation retreat helps achieve a healthy, happy state of mind and body by combining the benefits of meditation, personal training, and wrap therapy.


Additionally, our complimentary wellness cuisine enhances the effects of the restorative retreat. Re-establish contact with nature with a tranquil mountainous location in the lap of the magnificent Western Ghats.


Examine the therapeutic advantages of natural, organic food and herbal wellness remedies- all at once!

  • Experience a greater sense of tranquillity
  •  Restore the harmony of mind, body, and spirit
  • Feel happier, lighter, and more alive
  • Improve your connection to your soul and your life’s purpose

Recommended For People Dealing With

  • Addressing the signs and symptoms of weariness and burnout
  •  A shorter wellness retreat 
  • Profound Relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Regain a cheerful attitude

Consultations & Assessments​

  1. Understand your health and well-being objectives
  2. Consultation with a wellness physician at the site
  3. Body composition and pulse analysis
  4. Bio-Impedance examination of health indicators upon arrival
  5. Monitoring the vitals regularly
  6. Wellness physician consultation following the retreat

Nutritional Support

  1. Three carefully curated healthy meals daily using the farm-to-fork philosophy and emphasizing nutrient-dense whole foods.
  2. Daily herbal detox elixirs with meals, such as slow-pressed juices and superfood drinks.
  3. Herbal supplements for detoxification
  4. Dietary recommendations following the retreat


  1.  Therapeutic yoga, chakra meditation, and pranayama breathing exercises to reset the mind and body daily
  2. Participate in daily activities offered, such as nature walks, art therapy sessions in a hobby studio, scheduled fitness group sessions, and hiking


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